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Pheasant H c1-10 rolled MG_9015-2.jpg
1. Pheasant belt with heavy buckle
Pheasant L c1-1 rolled IMG_9022-2.jpg
2. Pheasant belt with light buckle
Stag H c1-22 rolled IMG_9029-2.jpg
3. Stag belt with heavy buckle
Stag L c1-14 rolled IMG_9041-2.jpg
4. Stag belt with light buckle
Hare H c1-2 rolled IMG_9047-2.jpg
5. Hare belt with heavy buckle
Hare L c1-2 rolled IMG_9053-2.jpg
6. Hare belt with light buckle
Fox H c1-5 rolled IMG_9060-2.jpg
7. Fox belt with heavy buckle
Fox L c1-5 rolled IMG_9067-2.jpg
8. Fox belt with light buckle
Buzzard H x1-1 B rolled IMG_9191 lr.jpg
9. Buzzard belt with heavy buckle
Buzzard L x1-2 rolled IMG_9192 lr.jpg
10. Buzzard belt with light buckle
1-1 Otter H IMG_9202 lr.jpg
11. Otter belt with heavy buckle
1-1 Otter L IMG_9198 lr.jpg
12. Otter belt with light buckle


IMG_8951 packaging.jpg

Each belt comes boxed with it's own linen drawstring bag and edition label attached, together with a complimentary pot of Renapur leather balm.

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