Made by hand, designed for life  

​Unique high quality belts that will last a lifetime, designed and made on the edge of Exmoor using traditional skills and materials



   The Collection   

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The animal designs featured on the buckles have been created as opposing pairs - one is “heavy” with the design inset and the other is “light” with it raised. Around 25 buckles are produced per casting, no two are exactly the same and each one has it's edition number stamped on the back. The belts are made from oak bark tanned leather sourced from J&FJ Baker in Colyton, Devon, the last tannery of it's kind left in Britain.



  Creating the Belts  

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The original buckles used as the ‘patterns’ for casting are designed by Henry Lyndsay. They are inspired by the wildlife where he lives on Exmoor and are made of brass using silversmithing tools and techniques.

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The metal casting is done by Mike Powell at his foundry near Bampton. He uses the ancient ‘lost wax’ method which involves taking a mould of the patterns then making duplicates of them in wax from which they can be cast in brass or bronze.

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The belts are hand-stitched by Kate Hetherington, a traditional horse collar and harness maker, at her workshop just outside Dulverton. She personally selects the oak bark tanned leather from J&FJ Baker to work with.


  Sales & Enquiries  

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Option 1


We have a number of belts made up in small (24-30"), medium (30-36") and large (36-42") sizes. Please contact us at the email below and we will get back to you with what what we have in stock.


There is also a selection of belts now on sale at Lance Nicholsons fishing, shooting and gun shop in Dulverton.

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Option 2


Our bespoke belts take 4-6 weeks to make up. If you are thinking of a belt for someone for Christmas please get in touch with us by the 15th of November.

​There will be the opportunity to choose your individual buckle. Please contact us at the email below for information about sizing and images of the buckles.

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For all sales and enquiries please email

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